A quick and dirty Slide deck to provoke other educators (or students)

I’ve been sharing this out to my teachers (and some students) to get them to log in to WeVideo and take advantage of the premium license while we still have it. I’ve had great luck with one teacher who the others don’t see as technologically savvy and she has produced wonderful videos for her subject.

This presentation helped me prod them in the right direction to get them to have a whack at WeVideo. I’m sharing it in hopes it’ll work for you too!

Introduction to WeVideo

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Awesome Luis. One of my colleagues has made a virtual assembly for Monday morning which is his own take on Breakfast TV with news, sport, weather and topical news. It’s an awesome first effort and can’t wait to see the students’ reaction next week.

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Very nice Luis! I am wanting to learn more about WeVideo so that I can entice teachers to use this tool with our Chromebooks.


Jeremie… doesnt this count as an epic PD deck? (for the Gold certification challenge)

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Love this Luis! Self-paced is the way to go.

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Thanks for all you do @luis.fernando.pertuz.escribano We’re so glad to have you as a WeVideo Education Ambassador :partying_face: